The Importance of Learning Art at an Early Age

A childs brain is created by their early experiences in life. During the infant years it is critical to help them stimulate all five senses and understand what each of them mean. The easiest way to do this is by exposing them to art, reading and even music. When you show you child a piece of art that is full of bright, facinating colors, you are allowing them to increase their brain activity by showing them different colors and shapes. By avoiding introducing your baby to reading, music and art, you are slowing down their brain activity and learning abilities.

For a child's first art experience you can use something as simple as finger paints and clay to help them understand the world of art. As years go by you can start giving your child more difficult projects like an animal to paint or cutting out shapes and gluing them onto another object. The activities are limitless. To fully bring their cognitive abilities to the maximum, you can educate your child on how to create art while expressing their thoughts and emotions. By educating your child on how to express themselves throughout art you are also helping them with the following:

- Attention Span
- Learning Skills
- Retention of Information
- Applying Abstract Concepts
- Following Guidelines