Cultural Fusion in Art

People who move to another country or culture may experience culture shock at first. Many groups have developed their own set of ethics and ways...


The Importance of Learning Art at an Early Age

A childs brain is created by their early experiences in life. During the infant years it is critical to help them stimulate all five senses...


Tips for Art Collectors

Financial RisksAlthough you may have a collection from a favorite contemperary artist, it is unlikely that you will ever be able to sell the piece...


Cultural Tourism

Traveling the world is a dream for many people. They look forward to retirement and a chance to see the world. Some of these people...

From the Day You Were Born

From the moment you were born your culture was set in stone. Although your family's heritage & background can somewhat shape your culture, it cannot define it. Just like religion, culture can be chosen and abandoned by choice and you are the only one that can make that decision, not even your birth parents can decide it for you. So before you do your research on what your culture is, keep in mind that it is never set in stone and at any moment in time you can choose to become part of a different culture.

Cultural Practices

Each and every culture has their own unique practices. Some cultures have standards and rules in which everyone must apply to themselves in order to be a part of that specific culture. For instance, some cultures base their lives on the Christian lifestyle and follow the faith and ideology of that faith. Not all cultures are based on religion, but many do indeed follow religions such as Christianity and Judaism.

The Importance of Culture

Culture provides us with self-assurance and also gives us a purpose to living our lives in a respectful, organized manner. A great benefit to cultures is being able to meet new people who also share the same beliefs and values. Not only does this allow us to make new friends within the same culture, but it also gives reassurance that the beliefs of our culture is valid. By joining a culture you are allowing yourself to have a deeper sense of what your purpose in life is and finding happiness that you never knew existed.